Miryam Gonzalez

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OpenMP is still in the process of being defined and extended to broad the range of applications and paralleliza-tion strategies it can be used for. The proposal of OpenMP extensions may require the implementation of new features in the runtime system supporting the OpenMP parallel execution and modifications in an existing OpenMP compiler , either at the(More)
This paper proposes a set of extensions to the OpenMP programming model to express point–to–point synchronization schemes. This is accomplished by defining, in the form of directives, precedence relations among the tasks that are originated from OpenMP work–sharing constructs. The proposal is based on the definition of a name space that identifies the work(More)
The objective of the NANOS project is to investigate possible ways to accomplish both high system throughput and application performance for parallel applications in multiprogrammed environments on shared–memory multiprocessors. The target of the project has been the development of a complete environment in which interactions between mechanisms and policies(More)
In this paper we propose an extension to the OpenMP programming model in order to express precedence relations among tasks originated from work{sharing constructs. The proposal is based on the deenition of a name space that identiies the work parcelled out by the work{sharing construct. Then the programmer deenes the precedence relations using this name(More)
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