Mirva Jääskeläinen

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This paper reports an in-depth study of a hybrid microassembly technique that combines a robotic micromanipulator and a water droplet self-alignment, which greatly improves the performance of robotic microassembly. The method is experimentally studied on a custom-made microrobotic test platform adapted for the experiments. Four important measures of the(More)
this paper discusses capillary self-alignment assisted hybrid microassembly of chips on low precision patterns, in both the precision of the dimension and the precision of the edge smoothness. Special segmented patterns having jagged edges have been purposely designed and fabricated to mimic some real-world RFID antennas. Experimental tests have been(More)
this paper reports a novel process that positions RFID chips on segmented artificial antenna pattern using hybrid assembly technology. A droplet of water is firstly dispensed to an artificial pattern composed of four pads. Then a 730×730µm RFID chip with four bumps of 20µm in height is released onto the artificial pattern using a(More)
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