Miruna A Sasu

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Cucumber beetles, Acalymma vittatum (F.) and Diabrotica undecipunctata howardi (Barber), are specialist herbivores of cucurbits and the vector of Erwinia tracheiphila (E.F. Smith) Holland, the causative agent of wilt disease. Cucumber beetles transmit E. tracheiphila when infected frass falls onto leaf wounds at the site of beetle feeding. We show that E.(More)
Virus-resistant transgenic squash are grown throughout the United States and much of Mexico and it is likely that the virus-resistant transgene (VRT) has been introduced to wild populations repeatedly. The evolutionary fate of any resistance gene in wild populations and its environmental impacts depend upon trade-offs between the costs and benefits of the(More)
UNLABELLED PREMISE OF THE STUDY Floral nectars of many species contain antimicrobial chemicals, but their function in nectar is subject to debate. Previously, we have shown that Erwinia tracheiphila, the causative agent of bacterial wilt disease in cucurbits, can be transmitted via the floral nectaries. • METHODS We used a disk diffusion assay (DDA) to(More)
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