Mirtha Lina Fernández Venero

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The relationship between two important problems in pattern recognition using attributed relational graphs, the maximum common subgraph and the minimum common supergraph of two graphs, is established by means of simple constructions, which allow to obtain the maximum common subgraph from the minimum common supergraph, and vice versa. On this basis, a new(More)
In this paper the Recursive Path Ordering is adapted for proving termination of rewriting incrementally. The new ordering, called Recursive Path Ordering with Modules, has as ingredients not only a precedence but also an underlying ordering =B. It can be used for incremental (innermost) termination proofs of hierarchical unions by defining =B as an(More)
Nested Petri nets have been applied for modeling interaction protocols, mobility, adaptive systems and interorganizational workflows. However, few results have been reported on the use of automated tools for analyzing the behavior of these nets. In this paper we present a general translation from nested Petri nets into PROMELA and explain how some(More)