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The marine areas of South America (SA) include almost 30,000 km of coastline and encompass three different oceanic domains--the Caribbean, the Pacific, and the Atlantic--ranging in latitude from 12∘N to 55∘S. The 10 countries that border these coasts have different research capabilities and taxonomic traditions that affect taxonomic knowledge. This paper(More)
The solution of the structure of alpha-lactalbumin from baboon milk (Papio cynocephalus) at 4.5 A resolution using the isomorphous replacement method has been reported previously. Initial refinement on the basis of these low-resolution studies was not successful because of the poor isomorphism of the best heavy-atom derivative. Because of the striking(More)
The evolution of resource specializations is poorly understood, especially in marine systems. The southern elephant seal (Mirounga leonina) is the largest of the phocid seals, sexually dimorphic, and thought to prey predominantly on fish and squid. We collected vibrissae from male and female southern elephant seals, and assessed stable C and N isotope(More)
Calcium performs a unique role in biology, achieving biological effects through highly specific interactions with and modulation of target proteins. It has been proposed that calcium-modulated proteins possess a characteristic, evolutionarily related, binding fold, known as the EF-hand. The high-resolution X-ray structure of alpha-lactalbumin reveals a Ca2+(More)
The crystal structure of baboon alpha-lactalbumin has been determined at 6 A and at 4.5 A (0.6 nm and 0.45 nm) resolution by the method of isomorphous replacement. The principal derivative was prepared by reducing a disulphide bridge in the crystals and inserting a mercury atom. Detailed comparison of the electron-density maps with corresponding maps of hen(More)
Toward a new data standard for combined marine biological and environmental datasets-expanding OBIS beyond species occurrences. Biodiversity Data Journal 5: e10989. ˀ ˁ ₵ ‡ ‡ # ℓ ˀ ₰ ‡ © De Pooter D et al. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License (CC BY 4.0), which permits unrestricted use,(More)
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