Mirtha J Biscoglio de Jiménez Bonino

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Peptides corresponding to the sequence alpha 124-147 of the Torpedo californica and Homo sapiens nicotinic cholinergic receptors were synthesized. The His residue at position 134 was ethoxyformylated or substituted by Ala. Effects of such modifications were studied by: (a) a toxin blot assay and (b) a competition assay between each peptide and the Discopyge(More)
The muscle-type nicotinic receptor has two pharmacologically distinguishable acetylcholine binding sites at the alpha-gamma and alpha-delta subunit interfaces; alpha-conotoxins can bind them selectively. As reported, alpha-conotoxin MI has greater affinity for the site near the alpha-delta interface of the BC(3)H1 cell receptor but, in the case of the(More)
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