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INTRODUCTION Therapeutic ultrasound is a physical modality which is constantly expanding range of indications. Analgesic effect of ultrasound is still under discussion. Regardless the extensive application of pulsed ultrasound of low intensity, continuous ultrasound has a better analgesis effect, which is explained by its mechanism of action. AIMS The(More)
INTRODUCTION Risk assessment for development foot ulcer in diabetics is a key aspect in any plan and program for prevention of non-traumatic amputation of lower extremities. MATERIAL AND METHODS In the prospective research to assessed diabetic neuropathy in diabetic patients, to determined the dynamic function of the foot (plantar pressure), by using(More)
INTRODUCTION Pedobarography as a new diagnostic tool enables measuring the pressure between the foot and the floor during dynamic loading. Dynamic analysis of the foot shows advantage over static analysis due to its capabilities for detecting high load points in certain diseases and in certain phases of walking. Pedobarography as a new method in the context(More)
The accessory deep peroneal (ADPN) nerve has been regarded as an anomalous nerve derived from the superficial peroneal nerve or its branch and supplies motor innervations for extensor digitorum brevis (EDB) and sensory innervations for the lateral part of the ankle and foot regions. The EDB is usually innervated exclusively by the deep peroneal nerve, a(More)
For isolation and cultivation of M. tuberculosis the best media are those made of egg-yolk. The growth-promoting factor from egg-yolk is an oligo-lipo-peptide. Other fractions of egg-yolk have no growth-promoting properties. Few synthetic oligopeptides have shown the same growth-promoting activities. Those peptides were incorporated into specially purified(More)
A growth inhibitor from Agar-Agar against Mycobacteria tuberculosis was isolated. Isolation is performed by alcaline ethanolyse. It is soluble in DMSO, and falls out by 10 volumen of cold Aceton. Media contained purified Agar promote Mycobacteria tuberculosis growth in comparison with such one prepared with unpurified Agar. Utilising purified Agar we are(More)