Mirostawa Grałek

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PURPOSE The purpose of the paper is to present the possibility of treatment of periorbital capillary hemangiomas in infancy. MATERIALS AND METHODS Doppler colour ultrasonography was used as a method of diagnosis and monitoring of the treatment. The material comprised 11 patients aged from 1 month to 3 years. In 6 cases local corticosteroid injections were(More)
31 persons without any changes in visual system and 16 patients with vascular lesions were examined using Doppler colour ultrasonography. This method allowed to identify and evaluate the blood flow in central retinal artery, ophthalmic artery and in ciliary arteries. The authors described a typical picture of normal eyeball and orbita as well as the blood(More)
PURPOSE To analyse the etiologic factors of the congenital cataract. METHODS The authors analyzed 49 cases of congenital cataract in patients hospitalized at Polish Mother's Memorial Hospital in Lódź. The diagnostic procedures were based on own multiprofile algorithm which included natural history, complete ophthalmologic examination, metabolic,(More)
We present a case of a 4-year-old girl with ocular venous malformation in her left eye. Over a one-year follow up, the symptoms progressed and sclerotherapy with bleomycin was performed. The bleomycin solution was injected directly into the abnormal vessel under visual control, which lead to a complete obliteration of malformation in a long-term follow-up.
PURPOSE To evaluate the usefulness of USG-CD in the assessment of ocular and orbital tumors in children. METHODS 24 children with focal changes in eyeballs and orbita were examined. The results of USG-CD were compared with those of computer tomography and angiography. Diagnosis was confirmed during surgery or by biopsy. RESULTS Typical USG-CD pictures(More)