Miroslaw Rojewski

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The novel selective BCR-ABL Breakpoint cluster region--Abelson murine leukemia viral oncogene homolog 1 (BCR-AML) inhibitor nilotinib (AMN107) is a tyrosine kinase inhibitor that is more potent against leukaemia cells in vitro than imatinib. As nilotinib might be used in the context of allogeneic stem cell transplantation where CD8+ T lymphocytes play a(More)
This paper presents technical foundations for a new technique of near-infrared transillumination-backscattering sounding, which is designed to enable noninvasive detection and monitoring of changes in the width of the subarachnoid space (SAS) and magnitude of cerebrovascular pulsation in humans. The key novelty of the technique is elimination of influence(More)
In the paper a novel solution of a self-adjusting time delay estimator operating in the discrete time domain on a sinusoidal signal is presented. The proposed solution is based on an original concept of Hilbert transform filter aggregated with a fractional delay filter. The aim is to substitute a series connection of a pair of filters: the Hilbert transform(More)
In this paper we show that a complex dynamic representation (logenvelope and instantaneous frequency) can be used efficiently to compress the spectrum and band-shift a discrete-time signal. The original method and algorithm conceived here do not violate the amplitude-phase relationships typical of natural sound signals. This is achieved by simultaneous(More)