Miroslaw J. Skibniewski

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With rising road construction and maintenance costs and the lack of productivity improvement, automated road construction and maintenance equipment will provide an attractive alternative for the execution of routine work tasks in the future. This paper reviews the typical tasks applicable to this domain, as well as existing and future automated equipment(More)
The robotization of on-site surface finishing work, particularly sandblasting, is considered. A possible system design is presented with a cost estimate. Costs and benefits of applying the proposed robot system to on-site sandblasting are outlined and estimated. Net present value of the contractor's investment in the robot equipment is analyzed. Conclusions(More)
Manual processes of quantity takeoff , bidding and quantity revision of construction materials are the cause of numerous conflicts among construction process stakeholders. This research aims at redesigning these processes in the direction of a collaborative approach using e-Commerce technology. Relevant B2B approaches need to incorporate tools that minimize(More)
Current initiatives for e-commerce deployment in the construction industry are related to the establishment of business-to-business (B2B) marketplaces, which allow large communities of buyers and suppliers to meet and trade with each other. Even though these efforts have included aspects of interoperability, database management and security protocols,(More)