Miroslaw J. Skibniewski

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With rising road construction and maintenance costs and the lack of productivity improvement, automated road construction and maintenance equipment will provide an attractive alternative for the execution of routine work tasks in the future. This paper reviews the typical tasks applicable to this domain, as well as existing and future automated equipment(More)
The robotization of on-site surface finishing work, particularly sandblasting, is considered. A possible system design is presented with a cost estimate. Costs and benefits of applying the proposed robot system to on-site sandblasting are outlined and estimated. Net present value of the contractor's investment in the robot equipment is analyzed. Conclusions(More)
Keywords: Construction safety Fuzzy Bayesian networks (FBN) Tunnel leakage Risk analysis Case study a b s t r a c t This paper presents a systemic decision support approach for safety risk analysis under uncertainty in tunnel construction. Fuzzy Bayesian Networks (FBN) is used to investigate causal relationships between tunnel-induced damage and its(More)
Today, ensuring and improving safety, productivity, quality, and sustainability in construction, operation, and maintenance of national civil infrastructure systems through advances in robotics and automation is a national imperative. By"national civil infrastructure"we refer to the 4.5M commercial buildings, 3.9M miles of public roads, 2M miles of oil and(More)