Miroslava Vomela

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Although there has been some controversy as to whether attention is guided by memory during visual search, recent findings have suggested that memory helps to prevent attention from needlessly reinspecting examined items. Until now, it has been assumed that some form of retrospective memory is responsible for keeping track of examined items and preventing(More)
Although the role of memory in visual search is debatable, most researchers agree with a limited-capacity model of memory in visual search. The authors demonstrate the role of memory by replicating previous findings showing that visual search is biased away from old items (previously examined items) and toward new items (nonexamined items). Furthermore, the(More)
The Voice Intelligent Reciprocating Gemutlich Orator (VIRGO) was developed from perceptions of companionship held by persons 65 years of age and older. The knowledge gained from ethnographic interaction with segments of the target population was applied toward the creation of a device. VIRGO is expected to fulfill various companionship needs derived from(More)
In this paper we describe the development of a system to facilitate audience participation in judging Olympic events for the CHI 2004, student design contest. This development process utilized domain analysis and human factors principles in combination with user-centered design techniques and usability testing.Application of these techniques resulted in the(More)
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