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Resistance to infection in plants can be induced by treatment with various chemicals. One such compound is β-aminobutyric acid (BABA). Its positive effect on disease resistance has been noted in several pathosystems. Here we demonstrate that treatment with BABA protects Brassica napus plants from infection by the fungal pathogen Leptosphaeria maculans.(More)
Phytohormone salicylic acid (SA) is a crucial component of plant-induced defense against biotrophic pathogens. Although the key players of the SA pathway are known, there are still gaps in the understanding of the molecular mechanism and the regulation of particular steps. In our previous research, we showed in Arabidopsis suspension cells that n-butanol,(More)
Phospholipase D (PLD) and its product phosphatidic acid are now considered to be one of the key elements of numerous physiological processes in plants including the salicylic acid signalling pathway. The presented study investigates the transcriptional regulation of Brassica napus PLDs following treatments with defense-related stimuli. We cloned eight B.(More)
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