Miroslava Holá

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We present an interferometric technique based on a differential interferometry setup for measurement under atmospheric conditions. The key limiting factor in any interferometric dimensional measurement are fluctuations of the refractive index of air representing a dominating source of uncertainty when evaluated indirectly from the physical parameters of the(More)
In this contribution we focus on laser frequency noise properties and their influence on the interferometric displacement measurements. A setup for measurement of laser frequency noise is proposed and tested together with simultaneous measurement of fluctuations in displacement in the Michelson interferometer. Several laser sources, including traditional(More)
One of the limiting factors of accuracy and resolution in laser interferometry is represented by noise properties of the laser powering the interferometer. Amplitude and especially frequency fluctuations of the laser source are crucial in precision distance measurement. Sufficiently high long-term frequency stability of the laser source must be achieved(More)
Genealogies of a line of mammalian epithelial cells (GPK) have been constructed from time-lapse film of monolayer cultures and measurements made of initial (post-divisional) cell size, final (pre-divisional) cell size and interdivision time (IDT). The mean initial cell volume was 2696 +/- 404 (S.D.) micron3, the mean final volume was 5247 +/- 696 micron3(More)
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