Miroslava Holá

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Genealogies of a line of mammalian epithelial cells (GPK) have been constructed from time-lapse film of monolayer cultures and measurements made of initial (post-divisional) cell size, final (pre-divisional) cell size and interdivision time (IDT). The mean initial cell volume was 2696 +/- 404 (S.D.) micron3, the mean final volume was 5247 +/- 696 micron3(More)
The 3'-terminal part of RNA1 genome segment of Radish mosaic virus (RaMV) including complete RNA polymerase gene was sequenced. The 207 amino acids long polymerase is matured from a polyprotein precursor by cleavage at putative Q/H site by viral protease. The alignment of available amino acid sequences of RNA polymerase genes of comoviruses revealed a(More)
In eukaryotes, the initiation of DNA synthesis requires the assembly of a pre-replicative complex (pre-RC) at origins of replication. This involves the sequential binding of ORC (origin-recognition-complex), Cdc6 and MCM proteins, a process referred to as licensing. After origin firing, the Cdc6 and MCM proteins dissociate from the chromatin, and do not(More)
High rates of homologous recombination (HR) in comparison to other plants make the moss Physcomitrella patens an attractive model organism for genetic studies as well as biotechnological applications. We describe a simple protocol for the efficient biolistic transformation of protonemal tissue with minimum tissue handling steps. The transformation(More)
We present a concept of suppression of the influence of variations of the refractive index of air in displacement measuring interferometry. The principle is based on referencing of wavelength of the coherent laser source in atmospheric conditions instead of traditional stabilization of the optical frequency and indirect evaluation of the refractive index of(More)
We present an interferometric technique based on a differential interferometry setup for measurement under atmospheric conditions. The key limiting factor in any interferometric dimensional measurement are fluctuations of the refractive index of air representing a dominating source of uncertainty when evaluated indirectly from the physical parameters of the(More)
We present the results of measurement and evaluation of spectral properties of iodine absorption cells filled at certain saturation pressure. A set of cells made of borosilicate glass instead of common fused silica was tested for their spectral properties in greater detail with special care for the long-term development of the absorption media purity. The(More)
Nuclei of multinucleate cells generally initiate DNA synthesis simultaneously, suggesting that the timing of DNA synthesis depends upon the appearance of a cytoplasmic signal. In contrast, intact nuclei from quiescent mammalian cells initiate DNA synthesis asynchronously in cell-free extracts of Xenopus eggs, despite the common environment. Here we show(More)
Demembranated sperm heads, detergent-isolated somatic nuclei and even naked DNA are efficiently replicated in cytoplasmic extracts of activated amphibian eggs, but only after nuclear assembly and the formation of an intact nuclear envelope. DNA synthesis has not previously been shown to be initiated in high-speed (200,000 g) supernatants of egg cytoplasm(More)