Miroslav Vidanović

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BACKGROUND/AIM Low birth weight (LBW) is a result of preterm birth or intrauterine growth retardation, and in both cases is the strongest single factor associated with perinatal and neonatal mortality. It is considered that socioeconomic factors, as well as mothers bad habits, play the most significant role in the development of LBW, which explains notable(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Up-to-date treatment of acute myocardial infarction (AIM) has been based on as early as possible establishment of circulation in ischemic myocardium whether by the use of fibrinolythic therapy and/or urgent coronary intervention which significantly changes the destiny of patients with AMI, but also increases the risk of bleeding. The aim of(More)
Investigations were performed on 20 patients with mild and moderately severe forms of bronchiale asthma or chronic obstructive bronchitis. Theophylline for oral use (sustained release form) and Ranitidine (second generation H2-blocker) were used in the first group of patients (7 females and 3 males, average age 37.9). Dosage of theophylline from patients(More)
By the immunochemical method the authors determined alpha 1 acid glycoprotein in 20 pregnant women with normal pregnancy and 60 pregnant women with diabetes mellitus, EPH gestosis, and imminent abortion. In women with normal pregnancy no statistically significant changes between individual trimesters were recorded. Pregnant women with diabetes mellitus(More)
Complements C3 and C4, IgG, IgM, IgA and properdin factor B (PFB) were determined in maternal blood sera, sera from the umbilical cord and amniotic fluid in the group consisting of 30 healthy pregnant women and 30 patients with EPH gestoses. PFB and IgG were measured in urine, as well. Significant decrease of C3 complement in maternal sera and PFB in urine(More)
The introduction deals with of the history, etiology and, briefly, clinical manifestations of endemic nephropathy. The authors state that a large number of investigations have been done until today, but without producing a diagnostic test for early diagnosis of the disease. This led the authors to pursue certain laboratory investigations. The control group(More)
The authors determined C3 and C4 complements, factor B properdin and immunoglobulins G, M and A in 20 healthy pregnant patients and in 20 patients with EPH gestosis. The analysis was performed in mothers sera, umbilical sera and amniotic fluid, and properdin factor B and IgG in urine. They used the nonfellometric technique with immunochemistry analyzer. The(More)