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BACKGROUND Psychotherapy requires clinical supervision. This is systematic guidance of a therapist by a supervisor. Inevitably, there is a question of training new high-quality therapists. This is related to supervision of their basic training. Later, it is important to provide an opportunity for lifelong supervision throughout the entire psychotherapeutic(More)
OBJECTIVE Supervision is a basic part of training and ongoing education in cognitive behavioural therapy. Self-reflection is an important part of supervision. The conscious understanding of one's own emotions, feelings, thoughts, and attitudes at the time of their occurrence, and the ability to continuously follow and recognize them are among the most(More)
HYPOTHESIS For cognitive behavioural therapy, acquisition and maintenance of psychotherapeutic and supervisory competencies is crucial. METHODS The PubMed, Web of Science and Scopus databases were searched for articles containing the following keywords: cognitive-behavioural therapy, competencies, therapeutic relationship, intervention, technique,(More)