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The application of information technologies (specially the Internet, Web 2.0 and social tools) make informal learning more visible. This kind of learning is not linked to an institution or a period of time, but it is important enough to be taken into account. On the one hand, learners should be able to communicate to the institutions they are related to,(More)
Rapid growth and storage of biomedical data enabled many opportunities for predictive modeling and improvement of healthcare processes. On the other side analysis of such large amounts of data is a difficult and computationally intensive task for most existing data mining algorithms. This problem is addressed by proposing a cloud based system that(More)
—In this correspondence, we present an approach to identifying and constructing profiles of user interfaces for educational games. Our approach is based on framing games as educational tools that incorporate fun and learning through motivation as the key ingredient in the learning process and multimodal interaction as the medium for conveying educational(More)