Miroslav Mihajlov

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Variable structure control with sliding mode, also called sliding mode control, is a particularly suitable as possible control solution in electro-hydraulic systems. In this paper, we apply the technique of the sliding mode control enhanced by fuzzy PI controller to a typical electro-hydraulic system, whose mathematical model accounts for the main(More)
The goal of this work is the development and performance analysis of control algorithms for new soft fluidic actuators with rotary elastic chambers (REC-actuators). Due to their inherent compliancy these actuators fulfill the requisites for building intrinsically safe mechanisms as assistance robots and motion therapy devices, working in direct physical(More)
This paper reports on basic properties, dynamic modeling, pressure and position control of a newly developed fluidic actuator with rotary elastic chambers (REC-actuator), intended for robots working in human environment. This actuator with natural compliance can be operated by gas or oil. Pressure control of the actuator in pneumatic realization is designed(More)
This paper describes a model-based pressure and torque control concept for innovative pneumatically driven actuators with rotary elastic chambers. These soft-actuators have been developed to operate in human environment, especially for physical interaction with people in service and rehabilitation tasks. Owing to the inherent compliancy of the working(More)
This paper reports on the development of a comprehensive nonlinear mathematical model of a novel inherently compliant fluidic actuator with Rotary Elastic Chambers (REC–actuator). The actuator is intended for robotic devices working in direct physical contact with humans and can be operated by both, liquid as well as gaseous working fluid. In the hydraulic(More)