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Photocatalytic degradation of oxalic acid over TiO2 power
Abstract The photocatalytic degradation of oxalic acid in aqueous suspensions of TiO 2 was investigated by following the formation of CO 2 . Based on the data obtained the reaction mechanism wasExpand
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Photomineralization of the herbicide mecoprop dissolved in water sensitized by TiO2
Abstract Mecoprop ((RS)-2-(4-chloro- o -tolyloxy)propionic acid), C 10 H 11 ClO 3 is extensively used as herbicide and the resulting water contamination is a potential health hazard. TheExpand
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Degradation of pararosaniline dye photoassisted by visible light
Abstract The photoassisted degradation of pararosaniline dye has been investigated in aqueous solutions under illumination by visible light. Illumination of the dye solution in the presence of oxygenExpand
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