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Many if not most lifetime distributions are motivated only by mathematical interest. Here, a new three parameter distribution motivated mainly by lifetime issues is introduced. Some properties of the new distribution including estimation procedures are derived. Two real data applications are described to show superior performance versus at least seven of(More)
Keywords: INAR(1) model Negative binomial thinning Bivariate integer-valued time series model a b s t r a c t In this paper we introduce a simple bivariate integer-valued time series model with positively correlated geometric marginals based on the negative binomial thinning mechanism. Some properties of the model are considered. The unknown parameters of(More)
We have calculated cross sections and rate coefficients for low-energy electron impact excitation of the nitrogen molecule from vibrationally excited levels N2(v) 1-8. Calculations are performed in the 2Pig shape resonance energy region, from 0 to 5 eV. The cross sections are determined by using our recent integral cross section measurements of the ground(More)
An extensive set of integral cross sections (ICSs) for electron impact vibrational excitation of the CO(2) molecule has been used to calculate electron energy transfer rate coefficients. The ICSs for electron impact symmetric stretch vibrational excitation are measured by using a high resolution double trochoidal electron spectrometer, while ICSs for the(More)
The effects of Bi(2)O(3) addition on the phase composition, microstructure and optical properties of ZnO-SnO(2) ceramics were investigated. Starting powders of ZnO and SnO(2) were mixed in the molar ratio 2:1. After adding Bi(2)O(3) (1.0 mol.%) this mixture was mechanically activated for 10 min in a planetary ball mill, uniaxially pressed and sintered at(More)
Chlorophylls (Chls) are a group of pigments related to light absorption, excitation energy, and electron transfer in photosynthetic complexes. Given the importance of intramolecular nuclear motion for these electronic processes, many experimental studies were performed in order to relate its coupling to electronic coordinates of these pigments, but a(More)
Integral cross sections and rate coefficients for vibrational excitation of the excited carbon-monoxide molecule, via the (2)Pi shape resonance in the energy region from 0 to 5 eV have been calculated. Cross sections are calculated by using our recently measured cross sections for the ground level CO excitation and the most recent cross sections for elastic(More)