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Four lantibiotics namely epidermin, gallidermin, lanthiopeptin and mersacidin, have been studied by fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry. The molecular ion clusters of these compounds can be detected with reasonable abundance. The low-mass regions of the spectra show the presence of ions characteristic of the amino acids in the peptides. The mass(More)
2216 newborns and prematures with respiratory distress of different underlying diseases were treated with long term respiratory therapy from 1. Jan. 1975 to 31. Dec. 1985. One part of the patients were born in our hospital, the other part of them were transported from outside. The rate of prematures was 81.2%. The respiratory therapy was applied in 1813(More)
1 The contribution deals with surveying works needed for rebuilding project of O. Nepela ice rink in Bratislava. An essential part is review of the existing documentation with actual parameters of the selected elements of ice rink construction, which will serve as a base for the reconstruction project. The most important part of surveying measurement is to(More)
The authors report a successfully treated case of congenital hydrops caused by Kell alloimmunization. It is very important the early proper therapy and to make difference between the non immune hydrops fetus and the hydrops caused by alloimmunization. It seems to be indicated--also in Hungary, as the other European countries--the introduction of the(More)
The third part of the series shows that the various forms of maternal urinary tract infections have a negative effect on the newborn. Already at birth, there are several depressed babies in need of resuscitation. The frequency of prolonged jaundice requiring treatment has been increasing. The babies are more predisposed to infections. Congenital pneumonia(More)
A new method has been developed for the characterization of complexion between host and guest molecules. Adduct formation between chiral crown ethers 1 and 2 and enantiomeric ammonium ions 4 and 5 was examined. The reference compound 3 (achiral host) was chosen to be similar in structure to the chiral crown ethers for quantitative measurements. Our approach(More)
The pulmonary functions were measured during resuscitation of eight critically ill newborns by the "Pulmonary Evaluation and Diagnostic System" (PEDS UNIT-M.A.S. Inc.) The asphyxiated infants (Apgar score 0-3; PH 6, 9) required more aggressive ventilator support than "traditional" cases. The danger of the pulmonary injuries was larger in this period. In(More)
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