Miroslav Lev

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The neurofibromatoses are a diverse group of genetic conditions that share a predisposition to the development of tumors of the nerve sheath. Schwannomatosis is a recently recognized third major form of neurofibromatosis (NF) that causes multiple schwannomas without vestibular tumors diagnostic of NF2. Patients with schwannomatosis represent 2.4 to 5% of(More)
Thirty-six hearts were studied in which all valves were involved in a dysplastic process. This consisted of an increase in spongiosa with vacuolar and lacunar degeneration, and a distinct lack of elastic tissue in the proximalis and in the spongiosa. This process was similar to, but more marked than that seen in a case of a single dysplastic valve as in(More)
OBJECT In this study the authors assessed the early changes in brain tumor physiology associated with glucocorticoid administration. Glucocorticoids have a dramatic effect on symptoms in patients with brain tumors over a time scale ranging from minutes to a few hours. Previous studies have indicated that glucocorticoids may act either by decreasing cerebral(More)
We describe pathological abnormalities in a 72-year-old male member of a family with a congenital absence of sinus rhythm and a tendency to develop atrial fibrillation at an early age, and in a 54-year-old female member of a family with cardiomyopathy and progressive conduction system disease manifested by first-degree atrioventricular (AV) block, left(More)
PURPOSE Lesion volume is often used as an end point in clinical trials of oncology therapy. We sought to compare the common method of using orthogonal diameters to estimate lesion volume (the diameter method) with a computer-assisted planimetric technique (the perimeter method). METHODS Radiologists reviewed 825 magnetic resonance imaging studies from 219(More)
an H-Q of 40 msec (normal, 35-55 msec), and an AP threshold of 1.2 ma. Postmortem examination revealed total left circumflex occlusion proximal to the sinoatrial (SA) nodal artery takeoff, SA nodal arteriolosclerosis without infarction, and left-sided cardiac skeletal sclerosis (LSCSS) disrupting the penetrating portion of the His bundle and the LBB.(More)