Miroslav Kvassay

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The principal goal of information technologies application in medicine is improvement and conditioning of medical care. Modern healthcare systems have to perfect the care of a patient. Therefore, the healthcare system has to be characterized, first of all, by high reliability and reliability analysis of such a system is an important problem. The new method(More)
Reliability analysis of Multi-State System is one of fields, where the methods of the multiple-valued logic are used efficiently. Multi-State System is a mathematical model in reliability engineering, which allows considering some performance level in the system reliability behavior. The principal problem in the reliability engineering is identification of(More)
Data mining (DM) is a collection of algorithms that are used to find some novel, useful and interesting knowledge in databases. DM algorithms are based on applied fields of mathematics and informatics, such as mathematical statistics, probability theory, information theory, neural networks. Some methods of these fields can be used to find hidden relation(More)
Reliability is very important characteristic of systems. One of the principal tasks of reliability analysis is evaluation of importance of individual system components for the system proper work. This investigation is known as importance analysis, and it can be qualitative or quantitative. The former focuses on identification of situations in which a change(More)
As a rule, the mathematical description of the system in reliability analysis is defined as system with two states (failure and functioning), that is interpreted as Boolean function. The mathematical tools of Boolean algebra can be used for reliability estimation of the system. The Logical Differential Calculus is one of mathematical tools in Boolean(More)
Reliability is an important characteristic of any system. Healthcare systems are typical examples of such systems. In reliability engineering, such systems are considered as complex, inhomogeneous, and uncertain, and require special mathematical representations. The structure function is a suitable model representing real systems. Methods of system(More)
Methodological and application aspects of elaboration of Attractive Virtual Educational Portal for pupils of primary school with Data Mining support are considered in this paper. The conceptual structure of the Portal is presented. This structure consists of four layers that ensure the Portal, support of learning process, individual adaptation for teachers(More)
Multi-State System (MSS) is mathematical model that is used in reliability engineering for the representation of initial investigated object (system). In a MSS, both the system and its components may experience more than two states (performance levels). One of possible description of MSS is a structure function that is defined correlation between a system(More)