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Wireless sensor networks (WSN) are lately an object of significant attention due to their unlimited potential and many areas of implementation. Many sensor network applications require prolonged network lifetime, scalability, and load balancing. Organizing sensor nodes in clusters is an effective technique for satisfying these goals. In this paper we(More)
Polarized Raman spectra of NiFe 2 O 4 (NFO) films of varying thickness and growth temperature are investigated and discussed. We find that the relaxed films obtained at higher temperatures on MgAl 2 O 4 (MAO) substrate exhibit spectra identical to those of single crystals and provide strong indications for ordering of Ni 2+ and Fe 3+ at the octahedral(More)
An approach for presentation of distribution of homogeneous continuous Markov chains with the help of vector quantization is suggested. Rules for 2D transformation of complex queuing systems, described with discrete time Markov chains and Markov reward models are summarized. Numerical results for simple tandem Jackson network are presented
The electronic band structure, optical properties and lattice vibrations of MgSO(3)·6H(2)O were studied within density functional theory and compared to the experimental optical data and polarized Raman spectra. Due to the 'molecular' nature of the MgSO(3)·6H(2)O crystal all Γ-point phonon modes could be separated into groups belonging to specific(More)
Polarized second-order Raman scattering spectra of CuO single crystals are reported. It is shown that for some scattering geometries the second-order processes dominate the inelastic light scattering spectra. Group-theoretical symmetry analysis of the selection rules for the first- and second-order scattering processes is performed and phonon dispersion(More)
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