Miroslav Chomat

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This paper evaluates the impact of long-term supplementation of different forms of zinc (Zn) and selenium (Se) on the content of these substances in the blood and hair of goats. Two analogous supplementation experiments were performed. 37 goats divided into four groups were used in the first trial with the Zn supplementation. Group A (n = 10) was a control(More)
A novel low-cost single-phase induction machine drive containing only two controlled solid-state switches is presented. The drive is intended for an HVAC type of application requiring variable-speed operation. An experimental drive based on the proposed setup has been developed and built to verify its practical viability and properties. The paper presents(More)
The paper focuses on the voltage supply of a five-phase induction machine from an electronic converter. Simulation results based on a detailed mathematical model are presented as well as experimental ones for various voltage supply conditions. A voltage supply method that significantly reduces the unfavorable effects of the third space harmonic in(More)
The demands on the robustness and reliability of electrical drives have been steadily rising during the last decade. In some applications, the users require the drive to continue in operation even under certain non-standard conditions. The discusses various types of non-standard conditions and analyzes what impact these non-standard conditions have on the(More)
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