Miroslav Bures

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Reliability and correctness of a web application are crucial factors to its success. Errors occurring in non-deterministic moments do not attract the target audience of the application. It is quite impossible to deliver 100% reliable application. Hidden errors are discovered when target users are using the application. With proper tooling and support the(More)
The paper brings an overview of the situation in automated testing in the Czech Republic by the beginning of 2014 and analyzes the trend. The results can be, under certain conditions, generalized to the Middle-European region. The analyzed data are collected from a survey of 28 Czech and Slovak professionals in the automated testing, having together 122(More)
Exploratory Testing technique is well applicable to software development projects, where test basis is not available (or at least not complete and consistent to the extent allowing the creation of efficient test cases). The key factor for the efficiency of this technique is a structured process for the recording of explored path in the system under test.(More)
The SmartDriver framework is an open extension of Selenium WebDriver framework aimed at decreasing implementation and maintenance costs of automated tests. It composes from two principal modules working in synergy. The structuring module ensuring three layer architecture of reusable objects, page objects and tests. Besides decreasing of implementation and(More)