Miroslav Barták

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A survey of naso-pharyngeal and subcutaneous myiasis affecting roe deer (Capreolus capreolus) was conducted in the Czech Republic over an 8-year period (1999–2006). A total of 503 bucks and 264 does from six hunting localities were examined. The sampling area comprised predominantly agricultural lowlands and a mountain range primarily covered by forest.(More)
Today’s knowledge of worldwide species diversity of 19 families of aquatic Diptera in Continental Waters is presented. Nevertheless, we have to face for certain in most groups a restricted knowledge about distribution, ecology and systematic, particularly in the tropical environments. At the same time we realize a dramatically decline or even lack of(More)
Based on revision of large recent collections of the authors, the following five species are first recorded from the Czech Republic: Fannia collini d'Assis-Fonseca, 1966 (simultaneously first record in Central Europe), Fannia lugubrina (Zetterstedt, 1838), Fannia melania (Dufour, 1839), Fannia slovaca Gregor & Rozkošný, 2005, and Fannia brinae Albuquerque,(More)
Fauna Europaea provides a public web-service with an index of scientific names (including important synonyms) of all extant multicellular European terrestrial and freshwater animals and their geographical distribution at the level of countries and major islands (east of the Urals and excluding the Caucasus region). The Fauna Europaea project comprises about(More)
Rhamphomyia (s. str.) academica sp. nov. (Turkey) and R. (s. str.) soukupi sp. nov. (Turkey) are described and illustrated. Rhamphomyia (Lundstroemiella) cimrmani Barták, 2006, is re-described and the female is newly described. The first records of Rhamphomyia (s. str.) argentata von Röder, 1887 and R. (Pararhamphomyia) intersita Collin, 1960 are reported(More)
Tricimba rudolfi Kubík, sp. n. (Czech Republic, Portugal), Tricimba chalupi Kubík, sp. n. (Czech Republic), and Tricimba dursuni Kubík, sp. n. (Turkey) are described and illustrated. First records of Tricimba kaplanae Dely-Draskovits, 1983 from Corsica and Tricimba hungarica Dely-Draskovits, 1983 from Turkey are listed.
The genus Platypalpus Macquart is studied from Uzbekistan for the first time. Thirteen species are described as new for science: Platypalpus amankutanensis sp. nov., P. chimganensis sp. nov., P. commutatoides sp. nov., P. penesmirnovi sp. nov., P. sagma sp. nov., P. samarkandensis sp. nov., P. spatenkai sp. nov., P. subinfectus sp. nov., P. sublutescens sp.(More)
to ≥ 3 groups which initiate double-blind active therapy at different times from baseline, preceded by 0,1, 2 or more intervals of placebo. Analytical and simulationbased investigations were conducted to compare the statistical power, required assumptions, practical considerations and economic features of the Blind Start to conventional single-arm and(More)