Miroslav Baránek

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The methylation-sensitive amplified polymorphism (MSAP) technique using HpaII and MspI isoschizomers was used to analyse DNA-methylation alterations in stressed grapevine plants. The stress used was in vitro propagation via nodal segments and in vitro thermotherapy for virus elimination. A set of pertinent grapevine plants derived from two cultivars (18(More)
There is relatively little information concerning long-term alterations in DNA methylation following exposure of plants to environmental stress. As little is known about the ratio of non-heritable changes in DNA methylation and mitotically-inherited methylation changes, dynamics and reversibility of the DNA methylation states were investigated in grapevine(More)
The Amplification Fragment Length Polymorphism (AFLP) technique was employed to study genetic variations which can be induced in vines by the stress occurring during different aspects of viticulture (in vitro cultivation, in vitro thermotherapy and virus infection). Analysis of AFLP banding patterns, generated by using 15 primer combinations, pointed to(More)
Comprehensive next generation sequencing virus detection was used to detect the whole spectrum of viruses and viroids in selected grapevines from the Czech Republic. The novel NGS approach was based on sequencing libraries of small RNA isolated from grapevine vascular tissues. Eight previously partially-characterized grapevines of diverse varieties were(More)
The appearance of somaclonal variability induced by in vitro cultivation is relatively frequent and can, in some cases, provide a valuable source of new genetic variation for crop improvement. The cause of this phenomenon remains unknown; however, there are a number of reports suggesting that epigenetics, including DNA methylations, are an important factor.(More)
An insufficient endogenous dormancy period of apricot flower buds can result in reduced frost resistance. This is one of the causes of lower fruit yields in certain years. The aim of this work was the analysis of gene expression profiles in flower buds of four apricot cultivars (‘Sundrop’, ‘Stark Early Orange’, ‘Vestar’ and ‘Betinka’) that differ in the(More)
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