Miroslav Břešt'ák

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The authors investigated within the framework of non-specific immunity reactions proteins of the acute phase during spontaneous delivery and Caesarean section up to the 5th day after delivery and on the 1st, 5th and 10th day after delivery in forty women, half of them healthy and half suffering from late gestoses. Half the women had spontaneous deliveries,(More)
We report a rare case of oral mass (epignathus) with intracranial extension originally suspected antenatally at 16 weeks' gestation because of a persistent open mouth. Postmortem MRI and pathologic examination of the fetus confirmed an oral teratoma with bilateral ventricular dilatation, corpus callosum agenesis, and a neuroepithelial intracranial cyst. The(More)
The isometric method of assessment of the contractility of uterine strips in vitro makes it possible to follow up systematically the response of smooth uterine musculature to oxytocin and to test the effect of selected preparations on this process. In the submitted work the author investigated the effect of methyloxytocin, magnesium sulphate, seduxene,(More)
OBJECTIVE Elaboration of a maximally safe and comfortable technique of collection of amniotic fluid (AMC). DESIGN For practice. SETTING Gyncentrum Ltd., Hloubĕtínská 3, Praha 9, Dept. of Medical Genetics GENNET, Klimentská 1, Praha 1. METHOD In 81 patients AMC was performed using a needle with an external diameter of 0.53 mm, by the sampling system(More)
OBJECTIVE The implementation of antenatal screening for Down's syndrome at 10-13. week using nuchal translucency, maternal serum free subunit of human chorionic gonadotrophin and the mother's age. DESIGN Nuchal translucency scan (NT) and serum free beta human chorionic gonadotrophin subunit (FB hCG) were measured at 283 consecutive pregnant women booked(More)
The effects of terguride on the uterotonic activity of rat's uterine stria were investigated by means of a standardized isometric method of measuring in vitro the contractility of uterine muscles. The uterotonic activity of the given preparation depends on its concentration and on the phase of uterine cycle. The uterotonic activity makes 71.4 U.mg-1 in the(More)