Miroslav Adámy

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Optical fibre step by step substitutes existing copper cable infrastructure in the carriers' access networks, enabling new broadband services. One common approach, a passive optical network (PON) infrastructure, basically consists of optical fibres and splitters, which are lit up by G-PON (Gigabit/s-PON) or XG-PON (10 Gigabit/s-PON). These systems are(More)
In the access network area the optical fibre step by step substitutes the existing copper cable infrastructure in order to enable new services requiring a steadily increasing bandwidth. The optical fibre is capable to transmit significantly higher data rates over longer distances than the copper links. In the next years new architectures like(More)
The authors report their 12 years of experience of intra arterial chemotherapy in pelvic recurrences and inoperable advanced stages of uterine carcinoma, rectal cancer and anal cancer. In squamous cell cancers the drug associations were mitomycin C, bleomycin, fluorouracil and folinic acid and cisplatin. In adenocarcinoma the same protocol contained no(More)
In this paper we present object oriented simulation model structure editor which greatly enhances the capabilities of our object-oriented discrete event distributed simulation toolset YeAST. We present a model structure description language used in YeAST, the editor of this structure, mechanisms for model structure management taking advantage of an(More)
There are various simulation languages and tools, each giving the user its own properties and possibilities how to deal with problems that are intended to be solved using simulation approach. As the size of a real problem increases, it is no more possible to use ad hoc approach which is suitable for small examples but which fails when confronted with a(More)
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