Mirosława Ferens-Sieczkowska

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Increased expression of sialyl Lewis X or A antigens on metastatic cancer cells leads to their selectin-mediated extravasation. Profound fucosylation of the serum microenvironment may be a factor that interrupts adhesion and influences the formation of metastases. In this study we quantitatively analyzed fucosylation of serum glycoproteins in small-cell and(More)
Haptoglobin is one of acute phase glycoproteins often used as markers in glycopathology studies. In this work the oligosaccharide structures of haptoglobin from 'healthy' subjects have been studied in detail, taking into consideration the possible dependence of glycosylation on the phenotype. About 75% of charged haptoglobin glycans were of biantennary(More)
Our study compares the status of human seminal plasma immunoglobulin G (IgG) and IgA secretory component (SC) fucosylation between infertile leukocytospermic and normal, fertile normozoospermic patients. The seminal IgG and SC are decorated with AAL-reactive core fucose, and antennary UEA- and LTA-reactive fucose of Lewisy and Lewisx structures,(More)
Carbohydrates are known to mediate some events involved in successful fertilization. Although some studies on the glycosylation of seminal plasma proteins are available, the total glycan profile was rarely analyzed as a feature influencing fertilization potential. In this work we aimed to compare some glycosylation traits in seminal plasma glycoproteins of(More)
INTRODUCTION Cancer-related carbohydrate epitopes, which are regarded as potential diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers, are carried on the main acute phase proteins. It is not clear, however, if the glycosylation profile is similar in different glycoproteins, or it is protein specific to some extent. The aim of the study was to compare fucosylation, α2,3(More)
CONTEXT Disturbed protein-carbohydrate interactions may underlie the molecular mechanism of some diseases of the male reproductive tract, including infertility and prostate diseases. OBJECTIVE To summarize the current knowledge on the glycosylation patterns of glycodelin-S, fibronectin, prostate-specific antigen, and α(1)-acid glycoprotein. RESULTS Some(More)
Fucose, the monosaccharide frequent in N- and O-glycans, is a part of Lewis-type antigens that are known to mediate direct sperm binding to the zona pellucida. Such interaction was found to be inhibited in vitroby fucose-containing oligo- and polysaccharides, as well as neoglycoproteins. The objective of this study was to screen seminal plasma proteins of(More)
The aim of our pilot study was to check whether the differences in IgA secretory component (SC) sialylation are associated with leucocytospermia. In normozoospermic and leucocytospermic seminal plasmas, 78-kDa and 63-kDa SC immunoreactive bands were observed. The SC sialylation was analysed by lectin blotting, using sialo-specific lectins MAA (Maackia(More)
The lectin isolated from the leaves of Iris hybrida binds specifically N-acetyl-galactosamine and lactose. Its molecule consists of two identical subunits bound by disulfide bonds. The lectin is a glycoprotein containing about 12% of sugars. It binds asialoglycoproteins containing complex type sugar chains. The binding is reduced by half at the(More)
AIM The aim of the study was to compare the activity of N-acetyl-beta-hexosaminidase (HEX) and gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT) in the serum of alcohol dependent people hospitalised after a long-lasting drinking period. METHOD The studied group consisted of 30 alcohol dependent men hospitalised after a long-lasting drinking period. The control group(More)