Mirosław Ochodek

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Completeness is one of the main quality attributes of requirements specifications. If functional requirements are expressed as use cases, one can be interested in event completeness. A use case is event complete if it contains description of all the events that can happen when executing the use case. Missing events in any use case can lead to higher project(More)
Web applications are getting more and more complex. Because of this, effective communication with prospective end user is essential. In the paper the concept of quick prototyping of web applications is presented and early experience with implementation of the concept is discussed. This approach assumes that requirements are written in form of use cases(More)
Context: Requirements are one of the most important elements of software development. order to build a bridge between those two groups, requirements are often written in a natural language, e.g. in the form of use cases. They describe interaction between an end-user (called " actor ") and the system being built. The most important element of a use case is a(More)
The software industry needs better prototyping techniques to lower prototype creation and maintainability costs. This goal can be achieved using proper set of tools and representation for requirements. Special tool for analyst has been developed at Poznań University of Technology, that is able to generate Mock-ups from requirements.
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