Mirla Rafaela Rafael Braga Chucre

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In this paper we propose a new kind of kNN query on time-dependent network, which aims at finding k points of interest that are closest in time to a query point. This query is useful for many kind of applications where a user/customer should ask for a service provided by many moving providers (e.g. Taxi drivers, ambulances, food delivers, etc). We described(More)
Time dependent networks are of key importance to allow computing precise travel times taking into consideration moving object's departure time. However the computation of time functions that are used to annotate time dependent networks are challenging since we must cope with noisy and incomplete traffic data. Recent related works adopt approaches that build(More)
Time dependent networks in mobility scenario are key for many applications that need to cope with real world dynamics. However, the quality of a time dependent network relies on the accuracy of its temporal functions. To this aim, we propose a new method for computing temporal functions for a time dependent network using <i>Trajectory Data Streams</i>. This(More)
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