Mirko Streckenbach

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Points-to analysis for Java is di erent from points-to for C or even C++. We present a framework whi h generalizes popular points-to algorithms and generates set onstraints from full Java byte ode. The framework exploits previously omputed points-to sets in a xpoint iteration for pre ise resolution of dynami binding. We then ompare implementations of this(More)
KABA is an innovative system for refactoring Java class hierar-chies. It uses the Snelting/Tip algorithm [13] in order to determine a behavior-preserving refactoring which is optimal with respect to a given set of client programs. KABA can be based on dynamic as well as static program analysis. The static variant will preserve program behavior for all(More)
Refactoring is a well known technique to enhance various aspects of an object-oriented program. It has become very popular during recent years, as it allows to overcome deficits present in many programs. Doing refactoring by hand is almost impossible due to the size and complexity of modern software systems. Automated tools provide support for the(More)
Enabling the reuse of available techniques and tools for software maintenance is a major topic. However, research focuses mostly on two topics: parsing and tool interoperability. In the future, more sophisticated approaches to maintenance will be needed and dataflow analysis has to be used. As building dataflow analyzers for real languages is expensive, we(More)
KABA is a prototype implementation of the Snelting/Tip analysis [2, 3] for JAVA. KABA combines data ow analysis, type inference and concept lattices in order to perform a negrained analysis of member-access patterns in a class hierarchy together with a given set of applications. KABA computes a transformed hierarchy which is guaranteed to be 1.(More)
Refactoring ist eine bekannte Technik, um verschiedene Aspekte eines objekt-orientierten Programms zu verbessern. Sie ist in den letzten Jahren sehr populär geworden, da sie es erlaubt, Defizite zu beseitigen, die sich in sehr vielen Programmen finden. Die Größe moderner Software-Systeme macht es unmöglich, Refactoring von Hand durchzuführen. Zwar(More)
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