Mirko Stojadinovic

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The advent of the modular multilevel converter has spawned a new breed of battery energy storage systems, able to connect directly to the medium voltage grid without a mains transformer. This paper compares the three most prominent variants: The single-delta bridge-cell (SDBC), the single-star bridge-cell (SSBC) and the double-star chopper-cell (DSCC). The(More)
In this paper 4-level neutral-point-clamped (4L-NPC), 4-level flying-capacitor (4L-FC) and 4-level neutral-point-clamped Ćuk (4L-NPC-Cuk) converter topologies for multilevel DC-DC buck-boost converter for medium-voltage battery storage applications are compared with respect to efficiency and power density. The comprehensive comparison is performed(More)
Many different approaches for solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems (CSPs) and related Constraint Optimization Problems (COPs) exist. However, there is no single solver (nor approach) that performs well on all classes of problems and many portfolio approaches for selecting a suitable solver based on simple syntactic features of the input CSP instance(More)
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