Mirko Stojadinovic

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The advent of the modular multilevel converter has spawned a new breed of battery energy storage systems, able to connect directly to the medium voltage grid without a mains transformer. This paper compares the three most prominent variants: The single-delta bridge-cell (SDBC), the single-star bridge-cell (SSBC) and the double-star chopper-cell (DSCC). The(More)
In this paper 4-level neutral-point-clamped (4L-NPC), 4-level flying-capacitor (4L-FC) and 4-level neutral-point-clamped Ćuk (4L-NPC-Cuk) converter topologies for multilevel DC-DC buck-boost converter for medium-voltage battery storage applications are compared with respect to efficiency and power density. The comprehensive comparison is performed(More)
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