Mirko Stocker

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UNLABELLED At the age of 8 weeks, an extremely low birth weight infant (gestational age 26 0/7 weeks, birth weight 740 g) had non-obstructing bilateral renal fungal balls. Urine cultures had repeatedly grown Candida albicans. Combination therapy with liposomal amphotericin B intravenously and fluconazole orally was administered for 6 weeks. Monotherapy with(More)
OBJECTIVES Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infections are a leading cause of hospital admissions in small children. A substantial proportion of these patients require medical and nursing care, which can only be provided in intermediate (IMC) or intensive care units (ICU). This article reports on all children aged < 3 years who required admission to IMC(More)
Working with a software system typically requires knowledge of the system's history, however this knowledge is often only tribal memory of the development team. In past user studies we have observed that when being presented with collaboration views and word clouds from the system's history engineers start sharing memories linked to those visualizations. In(More)
Refactoring is a very useful technique for software engineers to ensure the healthiness of their code over time. Modern IDEs support the developer by automating common refactoring tasks and thus making it even more useful. Although there are several dier-ent IDEs for Ruby, none of them supports automated refactorings. Nevertheless, in this term project and(More)
This article presents our refactoring plug-in for the Eclipse Ruby Development Tools IDE. Refactoring is a very important technique for every software engineer to ensure the healthiness of his code and a cornerstone of agile software development. We have implemented sixteen automated refactorings and three code generators, for example Rename Variable and(More)
We present our refactoring plug-ins for Eclipse'sRuby Development Tools IDE. Refactoring is avery important technique for every software engineer and acor-nerstone of agile software development. In aterm project and diploma thesis, we have implemented several automated refactorings for example Rename Va riable and Extract Method. Refactoring is avery useful(More)
In neonates and infants, arterial and central venous catheters are of vital importance to optimize perioperative surveillance during surgery as well as postoperative care in the intensive care unit. The insertion of umbilical venous (UVC) and umbilical arterial catheters (UAC) in neonates in the first days of life is relatively simple and associated with a(More)
Anaesthesiologists must be familiar with the particularities of the respiratory physiology of newborns and infants when providing perioperative care to these patients. Even brief periods of inadequate respiratory support can cause atelectatrauma and volutrauma which in turn can have deleterious cardiorespiratory consequences and accentuate pre-existing lung(More)
Type-directed API search, using queries composed of both keywords and type signatures to retrieve definitions from APIs, are popular in the functional programming community. This search technique allows programmers to easily navigate complex and large APIs in order to find the definitions they are interested in. While there exist some effective approaches(More)