Mirko Stauffer

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Human heteromeric amino acid transporters (HATs) are membrane protein complexes that facilitate the transport of specific amino acids across cell membranes. Loss of function or overexpression of these transporters is implicated in several human diseases such as renal aminoacidurias and cancer. HATs are composed of two subunits, a heavy and a light subunit,(More)
Synthetic biology approaches range from the introduction of unique features into organisms to the assembly of isolated biomacromolecules or synthetic building blocks into artificial biological systems with biomimetic or completely novel functionalities. Simple molecular systems can be based on containers on the nanoscale that are equipped with tailored(More)
To understand how membrane proteins function requires characterizing their structure, assembly, and inter- and intramolecular interactions in physiologically relevant conditions. Conventionally, such multiparametric insight is revealed by applying different biophysical methods. Here we introduce the combination of confocal microscopy, force-distance(More)
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