Mirko Spasic

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Linked Open Data (LOD) is a growing movement for organizations to make their existing data available in a machine-readable format. There are two equally important viewpoints to LOD: publishing and consuming. This article analyzes the requirements for both sub-processes and presents an example of publishing statistical data in RDF format and integrating the(More)
Synthetic datasets used in benchmarking need to mimic all characteristics of real-world datasets, in order to provide realistic benchmarking results. Synthetic RDF datasets usually show a significant discrepancy in the level of structuredness compared to real-world RDF datasets. This structural difference is important as it directly affects storage,(More)
The Mighty Storage Challenge (MOCHA) aims to test the performance of solutions for SPARQL processing, in several aspects relevant for modern Linked Data applications. The Virtuoso Server by OpenLink is a modern enterprise-grade solution for data access, integration, and relational database management, which provides a scalable RDF Quad Store. In this paper,(More)
To improve transparency and public service delivery, national, regional and local governmental bodies need to consider new strategies to openning up their data. We approach the problem of creating a more scalable and interoperable Open Government Data ecosystem by considering the latest advances in Linked Open Data. More precisely, we showcase how an(More)
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