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Atherosclerosis is a progressive disease characterized by the accumulation of lipids and fibrous elements in arteries. It is characterized by dysfunction of endothelium and vasculitis, and accumulation of lipid, cholesterol, and cell elements inside blood vessel wall. In this study, a continuum-based approach for plaque formation and development in 3-D is(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate histamine blood concentration in subjects suffering from different types of ischemic heart diseases during the period of eight days. Our results showed that the histamine blood level was associated with different types of ischemic heart diseases. The blood histamine level in all investigated patients was(More)
We estimated the influence of acute glucagon applications on (3)H-histamine uptake by the isolated guinea-pig heart, during a single (3)H-histamine passage through the coronary circulation, before and during anaphylaxis, and the influence of glucagon on level of histamine, NO, O2 (-), and H2O2 in the venous effluent during anaphylaxis. Before anaphylaxis,(More)
The myocardial reperfusion following ischemia leads to the ischemic vasodilation by affecting the release of various vasoactive substances, such as free radicals, NO, and histamine. In addition, some evidences suggest that glucagon itself may alter the release of those substances. In this study, we investigated the ischemic vasodilation of the isolated rat(More)
Most of hyperelastic models for the constitutive modeling of the typical mechanical behaviour of the arterial wall tissue in literature are based on the test data from different animals and arteries. This paper is concerned with the material parameter identification of several phenomenological hyperelastic models by fitting the data from five(More)
In this paper a video file based approach to evaluate position and locomotion in animal behavior experiments is described. For this purpose original software Animal Tracker for transforming a video data to a log file which is suitable for further computational analyzes, was developed. To perform analyzes from the log file, an additional software PostProc),(More)
In this study fluid-structure interaction for the carotid artery based on the experimental stress-stretch curves is presented. Experimental determination of carotid artery properties by using strips of human carotid artery is firstly performed. The strips were taken in the longitudinal and in the circumferential directions assuming that the carotid artery(More)
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