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A Framework Based on Sustainability, Open Innovation, and Value Cocreation Paradigms—A Case in an Italian Maritime Cluster
The paper deals with a case study in an Italian maritime cluster seen through a multiple paradigms framework, based on Sustainability (SUS), Open Innovation (OI), and Value Co-creation (VCc). TheExpand
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Analysis of Open Innovation Intermediaries Platforms by Considering the Smart Service System Perspective
Open Innovation and Services Science are two distinct paradigms that share some principles 0. While some attempts to investigate open innovation according to a service science perspective exist,Expand
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How Business Idea Fit Affects Sustainability and Creates Opportunities for Value Co-Creation in Nascent Firms
A well-defined business idea is essential for nascent business sustainability in the future. The business idea must fit firm knowledge and resources to a profitable business opportunity. This workExpand
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Exploring services provided by top Italian museums websites: what are they used for?
Even though a number of studies have focused on museum websites, specific studies about top Italian museums and the services provided online have not been found. This paper aims to fill this gap inExpand
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A discovery of multiple levels of open innovation in understanding the economic sustainability: A case study in the manufacturing industry
The aim of this paper is twofold: firstly, investigate the theory of governance and open innovation by adding the process of value creation and value capture; secondly, to discuss the potential linkExpand
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Strategic Planning, Cultural Context, and Business Continuity Management: Business Cases in the City of Shkoder
This study is focused on the role, importance and practice of Business Continuity Management (BCM) in relation with Strategic Planning (SP) and Cultural Context (CC) by offering a holistic frameworkExpand
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Halal Tourism through the Lens of Generation Z in a Muslim Majority Country: Implications on Tourist Services
The aim of this paper is twofold: to contribute to clarifying what exactly Halal tourism is, being a relatively new term; and to provide an insight into the level of knowledge and mental schemes of aExpand
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Organizational ambidexterity through global strategic partnerships: A cognitive computing perspective
Cognitive computing holds considerable potential for holistic data interpretation in a dynamic business environment. It can act as an enabler of organizational ambidexterity. The present studyExpand
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Does innovation propensity influence wineries’ distribution channel decisions?
Purpose The aim of this paper is to analyze the relationships between distribution strategies and the level of innovation propensity in the winemaking industry. It intends to identify theExpand
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Project and Risk Management in a Global Context: The Importance of Cultural Risk
Project management is one of the possible ways to improve the organizational reputation and create value. The control achievable on each project’ constrains (time, cost and quality) and the actionsExpand