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— This paper presents the synthesis of a control law which guarantees asymptotic stability for a wheeled mobile robot under slip conditions subject to both constraints and system dynamics. This control law is obtained using Linear Matrix Inequalities. The improvements provided by the proposed adaptive control are compared with other control laws, dealing(More)
This paper focuses on the design of a tube-based Model Predictive Control law for the control of constrained mobile robots in off-road conditions with longitudinal slip while ensuring robustness and stability. A time-varying trajectory tracking error model is used, where uncertainties are assumed to be bounded and additive. The robust tube-based MPC is(More)
This paper introduces a method for approximate reachability, for linear discrete time systems, based on homothety and set invariance. The proposed method utilizes two particular families of sets, more precisely their members, and particular forms of the approximation maps to obtain simple inner and outer approximate reachable sets/tubes. The resulting(More)
—The problems of characterizing quadratic stability and computing an estimation of the domain of attraction for saturated hybrid systems are addressed. Hybrid systems presenting saturations and nested saturations on signals involved in both the continuous-time and the discrete-time dynamics are considered. Geometrical characterizations of local and global(More)