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This paper focuses on the design of a tube-based Model Predictive Control law for the control of constrained mobile robots in off-road conditions with longitudinal slip while ensuring robustness and stability. A time-varying trajectory tracking error model is used, where uncertainties are assumed to be bounded and additive. The robust tube-based MPC is(More)
—The problems of characterizing quadratic stability and computing an estimation of the domain of attraction for saturated hybrid systems are addressed. Hybrid systems presenting saturations and nested saturations on signals involved in both the continuous-time and the discrete-time dynamics are considered. Geometrical characterizations of local and global(More)
— In this paper, an adaptive control scheme for the safe operation of a fuel cell system is presented. The aim of the control design is to guarantee that the oxygen ratio do not reach dangerous values. A first level of control is given by a feedforward control. An improved behavior is obtained using an adaptive predictive controller to determine the voltage(More)