Mirko Fetter

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Abstract—In e-learning platforms the social interaction between students and teachers as well as among students is important for effective and efficient learning. Therefore, e-learning platforms need technological support for online presence and communication. In this paper we present the Presence in Learning Spaces (PILS) infrastructure, which(More)
Tangible and embedded computing brings technology integrates digital technology in the physical environment of everyday life. Thereby, families in private households are increasingly researched and supported. In this paper we present the concept and implementation of the FamilyFaces---a contact management tool supporting families when managing their(More)
Multi-touch tabletops provide new means for co-located people to work together on a task by directly manipulating objects and tools on a single display in unison. Despite their benefits they also entail new challenges. One major concern is how to help users avoid conflicting actions. Previous work discusses if social protocols are sufficient to regulate(More)
Evaluating ubiquitous systems with users can be a challenge, and the goal of this workshop was to take stock of current issues and novel approaches to address this challenge. In this paper, we report on the discussions we had during several plenary and small-group sessions. We first briefly review those evaluation methods that we identified as being used in(More)
Effektive und effiziente Koordination in verteilten Teams bedarf der wechselseitigen Information der Teammitglieder. Bei der Entwicklung von Konzepten und Systemen zur Unterstützung dieser Information stellen sich zwei zentrale Herausforderungen bezüglich der Privatsphäre und der Unterbrechung der Benutzer. In diesem Papier stellen wir ein Konzept für(More)
Group Decision Support Systems allow users to faster reach a consensus and help to improve the overall decision quality by structuring and directing group discussions. We present MTEatsplore, a multitouch tabletop application designed to structure interaction and guide group discussion, and thus improve the decision quality when cooperatively selecting an(More)