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In the context of a probabilistic voting model, we investigate the consequences of choosing among voting rules according to the maximin criterion. We characterize the rules that satisfy the maximin criterion as a function of the distribution of voters' probabilities to favor change. We prove that there are at most two maximin rules, at least one is Pareto(More)
Many sports require fine spatiotemporal resolution for optimal performance. Previous studies have compared anticipatory skills and the decision-making process in athletes; however, there is little information on visual skills of elite athletes, particularly hockey players. To assess visual skills of Olympic hockey players and analyze differences by playing(More)
The Kennedy Space Center's environmental health organization is responsible for programs which assure its employees a healthful workplace under diverse and varied working conditions. These programs encompass the disciplines of industrial hygiene, radiation protection (health physics), and environmental sanitation/pollution control. Activities range from the(More)
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