Mirjana Radosevic

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Several biomaterials can be obtained from human blood. Some are used for clinical indications requiring a high content in fibrinogen, while others are used because they contain multiple platelet growth factors. Mimicking thrombin-induced physiological events of coagulation leading to fibrino-formation and platelet activation, blood biomaterials have(More)
The relationship between cancer and thrombosis has been established since 1865 when Armand Trousseau described superficial thrombophlebitis as forewarning sign of occult visceral malignancy. Platelets are the primary hemostatic tool and play a primordial role in cancer-induced thrombosis. Tumor-induced numerical and functional platelet abnormalities have(More)
Unlike other blood cells, platelets are small anucleate structures derived from marrow megakaryocytes. Thought for almost a century to possess solely hemostatic potentials, platelets, however, play a much wider role in tissue regeneration and repair and interact intimately with tumor cells. On one hand, tumor cells induce platelet aggregation (TCIPA), known(More)
There is increasing research on and clinical interest in the physiological role played by platelet microparticles (PMPs). PMPs are 0.1-1-μm fragments shed from plasma membranes of platelets that are undergoing activation, stress, or apoptosis. They have a phospholipid-based structure and express functional receptors from platelet membranes. As they are the(More)
Platelets play a crucial role in the pathophysiological processes of hemostasis and thrombosis. Increasing evidence indicates that they fulfill much broader roles in balancing health and disease. The presence of tumor cells affects platelets both numerically, through a wide variety of mediators and cytokines, or functionally through tumor cell-induced(More)
BACKGROUND Immunoglobulin G (IgG) is an essential plasma-derived medicine that is lacking in developing countries. IgG shortages leave immunodeficient patients without treatment, exposing them to devastating recurrent infections from local pathogens. A simple and practical method for producing IgG from normal or convalescent plasma collected in developing(More)
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