Mirjana R. Jovanovic

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CONTEMPORARY HOT ISSUES ON ALCOHOL DEPENDENCY IN SERBIA Alcoholic beverages are traditional to the Balkans region since the Antiquity. Consumption of domestic honey-made spirits and wine was wide spread among the Serbs even in the early medieval history before spreading of Christianity (1). Today, it remains a deeply rooted custom while prevalence of full(More)
Eastern Europe and the Balkans region report high rates of alcohol abuse and addiction (OECD, 2009). Alcohol detoxi-fication procedures in the countries of the European Union (EU) tend to be conducted at the primary care level or at specialized units associated with the psychiatric clinics. These facilities provide medical treatment to help achieve and(More)
BACKGROUND Pegylated interferon alfa plus ribavirin protocol is currently considered the most efficient hepatitis C treatment. However, no evidence of costs comparison among common viral genotypes has been published. OBJECTIVES We aimed to assess core drivers of hepatitis C medical care costs and compare cost effectiveness of this treatment among patients(More)
Lesch Alcoholism Typology (LAT) is one of the most widely used clinical typologies of alcohol addiction. Study tested whether introduction of LAT software in clinical practice leaded to improved outcomes and reduced costs. Retrospective matched-pairs case-control cost comparison study was conducted at the Regional Addiction Center of the University Clinic(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the psychometric properties of the Serbian-language version of the Quality of Life in Epilepsy Inventory-31 (QOLIE-31). METHODS After undergoing a translation and cultural adaptation of its items in order to create a Serbian-language version of QOLIE-31, we assessed its psychometric properties-reliability, construct validity and(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Children and adolescents who enter a child welfare system are at higher risk of suffering from mental disorders, physical health, and/or social and educational problems than the general population of the same age is. This study was organized with the aim to evaluate the general characteristics of quality of life (QOL) in children and(More)
Retirement policy is an unavoidable factor for the economic and social stability of the state. In our country, Serbia, the total number of pensioners in 2015 was almost 1.8 million, which is higher in comparison to the time period from 2002 to 2014. According to increased number of pensioners, pension reforms are a crucial step of economic stability for(More)
Citation: Jakovljevic M, Lazarevic M, Jurisevic M and Jovanovic MR (2015) When cure becomes an illness—abuse of addictive prescription medicines. Substance Addiction as Societal Phenomenon—the Case of Serbia Psychoactive substance addiction presents a challenging public health issue worldwide particularly targeting vulnerable adolescent population (Babor et(More)
OBJECTIVE Serum parameters of calcium homeostasis were measured based on previously published evidence linking osteoporotic fractures and/or bone/mineral loss with antipsychotics. METHODS Prospective, four-week, time-series trial was conducted and study population consisted of patients of both genders, aged 35-85 years, admitted within the routine(More)