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The main dosimetric characteristics are presented of newly prepared tissue-equivalent, highly sensitive thermoluminescent detector, Li,B4O7:Cu,Ag,P in the form of sintered pellets, developed at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinca. As a result of an advancement in the preparation procedure by the sensitising of basic copper activated lithium borate TL(More)
In this paper main optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) and thermoluminescence (TL) characteristics are presented of a newly synthesised material MgO doped with terbium (Tb) developed at the Institute of Nuclear Science, Vinca. A thermally stimulated emission spectrum showed the characteristic lines of Tb3+ in a wide range of wavelengths. The TL(More)
The characteristics of thermoluminescent dosemeters prepared from graphite mixed with sintered MgB4O7:Dy are presented for beta ray dosimetry. These dosemeters are attractive for beta ray dosimetry since the material combines low transparency with near tissue equivalence and high sensitivity, thus enabling skin dose to be assessed from low energy beta(More)
Valuable features of magnesium borate sintered solid thermoluminescence dosemeters (TLDs), such as near tissue- equivalence, high sensitivity, and good performances for X, gamma, beta and neutron dosimetry, were developed and produced by the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinca. These features form the basis for using this type of TLDs successfully for(More)
  • M Prokić
  • 2000
The effect of lithium co-dopant on the thermoluminescence of some TL phosphors has been studied. These results show that lithium co-dopant when present in CaSO4:Dy, CaSO4,Tm, CaF2:Mn, MgB4O7:Dy, MgB4O7:Tm, MgB4O7:Tb, MgB4O7:Mn, CaB4O7:Dy and CaB4O7:Tm thermoluminescent phosphors induces higher luminescence efficiency either due to better incorporation of(More)
Thermoluminescent dosimetric characteristics of MgB4O7:Dy,Na are presented. MgB4O7:Dy,Na is a newly prepared TL material with attractive features for dosimetric applications, such as near-tissue equivalence, simple glow curve, high sensitivity and low fading. The dosimetric properties of this material examined in this study include glow curve shape, TL(More)
We discuss the development of an original method preparing thermoluminescent dosimeters using magnesium borate and calcium sulfate materials activated with rare earths. This method is based upon the effect of sensitized thermoluminescent emission of basic TLD phosphors as well as on the method for producing these in solid form. Our technique resulted in(More)
This paper presents X ray excited TL spectra of magnesium borate doped with either single rare earth ions Dy or Tm, or co-doped with Dy/Tm, Tm/Mn or Dy/Tb. Intrinsic emission from the host material is in the UV/blue region at approximately 375 nm, with a tail extending to 200 nm. The main dosimetric peak is detected at approximately 180 degrees C but slight(More)
Environmental radiation monitoring in the vicinity of coal-fired power plants which are used primarily to determine the variability in measured background exposures are presented in this article; this is in order to estimate the contribution due to the plants' operation. Measurements have been done using a multi-element, high sensitive dosemeter system(More)