Mirjana Petković

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In this paper we investigate potential influence of organizational downsizing on organizational knowledge and learning. We discuss organizational downsizing in order to show that in large it is an issue of organizational design, and as such, managerial activity that must be coordinated with another managing organizational knowledge. From this standpoint, we(More)
BACKGROUND/AIM Femur fractures in children most often occur as a consequence of traffic accidents, during play and sport activities, and due to different pathological states. Diagnosis is rather simple and it includes physical and radiographical examination. Femur fractures treatment in children can be operative and unoperative, depending on several facts:(More)
Research was carried out on a sample of real aikido male practitioners aged 35 (±5 years), who were training three times a week. The criteria for choosing the respondents, along with the age structure and gender, was knowledge of real aikido techniques as well. In that sense, it was decided that the respondents would be the practitioners who had trained(More)
INTRODUCTION The prepuce envelops the glans as a variant of a mucocutaneous tissue presenting with a lot offunctions, the most important of them being to protect the infant's glans from feces and ammonia in diapers, to protect the glans from abrasions and trauma throughout life, and to provide sufficient skin in erection. Circumcision was recognized as a(More)
INTRODUCTION There is still no good solution for the treatment of all the forms of clubfoot. HISTORY OF THE TREATMENT IN THE WORLD The first written description of the treatment of this deformity was given by Hippocrates. In the Middle Ages, Galenus, Celsus and Averroe only reviewed the lessons of Hippocrates's principles. The first description of(More)
The motor abilities of elementary school students have often been the subject matter of research in physical culture. Furthermore, authors have dealt with the differences in motor abilities between male and female students of different age groups. The basic aim of this research was to determine the differences in motor abilities between male and female 6th(More)
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