Mirjana Pejić

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The paper reviews applications of data mining in academic papers dealing with tourism industry, both from demand and supply side.. Web of science, SCOPUS, and in particular key tourism journals published in 1995 – 2013 period have been searched with the usage of appropriate keywords. Literature searches revealed 88 papers that present applications of data(More)
Intensive use of e-business can provide number of opportunities and actual benefits to companies of all activities and sizes. In general, through the use of web sites companies can create global presence and widen business boundaries. Many organizations now have websites to complement their other activities, but it is likely that a smaller proportion really(More)
The paper deals with structure, importance and advantage as well as the path of development of the Uniform requirements for manuscripts submitted to biomedical journals (Vancouver style) from 1978, when they were established and firstly published, through changes and amendments up to their last--fourth edition. Authorship, abstract, key words and literature(More)
The paper reviews results of a research on literature cited in papers published in two most remarkable Yugoslav biomedical journals, Medicinski Pregled and Srpski arhiv za celokupno lekarstvo, in 1985 and 1992. The analysis included the following parameters: the amount of published papers, the quantity of cites out of the literature that has been used,(More)
The transformation of the Library at the Medical Faculty of Novi Sad into a modern information center necessitated the introduction of an up-to-date technology and enforced the use of the latest information sources among which MEDLINE medical database is the most famous one. In the studied period, January 1993-current, 200 searches have been performed on(More)
In line with global trends, the Croatian military is currently going through a transformation, but is being stifled by a long recession and negative demographic trends. The purpose of this article is to outline the possibilities of applying system dynamics models in testing the sustainability of the Croatian military forces (CMF) with respect to their size(More)
In this era of competitive market and ever sharply changing market trends, there is a need for timely and integrated engagement of information systems for effective decision making. Developed countries and developed economies are evolving their information systems by aligning them to incorporate adaptive approaches to business models in real-time with(More)
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