Mirjana Jocic

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Spike discharges of skeletomotor neurons innervating triceps surae muscles elicited by white noise modulated transmembrane current stimulation and muscle stretch were studied in decerebrated cats. The white noise modulated current intensity ranged from 4.3 to 63.2 nA peak-to-peak, while muscle stretches ranged from 100 μm to 4.26 mm peak-to-peak. The(More)
The properties of membrane potential changes of skeletomotor neurons (S, FR, and FF) innervating triceps surae muscles during pseudorandom stretching of these muscles were studied in decerebrate cats. Peak amplitudes of pseudorandom muscle stretches ranged from 119 μm to 4.15 mm peak-to-peak. Sequences of ten identical stretching periods were applied for(More)
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