Mirjam T. J. Tielen

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OBJECTIVE Nonadherence to immunosuppressive medication (IM) after kidney transplantation is related to poorer patient and graft outcomes; therefore research into modifiable factors associated with nonadherence is a priority. In this prospective cohort study we investigated whether changes in goal cognitions, illness perceptions, and treatment beliefs were(More)
A number of professions in the service industries like telephonist, receptionist or announcer at the railway station can be observed to be typically occupied by women. Intelligibility is of crucial importance in these professions. The main task of people in the service industries is to inform the public and sometimes there is a lot of noise which troubles(More)
Background. Nonadherence to medication is a common problem after kidney transplantation. The aim of this study was to explore attitudes towards medication, adherence, and the relationship with clinical outcomes. Method. Kidney recipients participated in a Q-methodological study 6 weeks after transplantation. As a measure of medication adherence, respondents(More)
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