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The organization of chromatin into higher-order structures influences chromosome function and epigenetic gene regulation. Higher-order chromatin has been proposed to be nucleated by the covalent modification of histone tails and the subsequent establishment of chromosomal subdomains by non-histone modifier factors. Here we show that human SUV39H1 and murine(More)
The chromo and SET domains are conserved sequence motifs present in chromosomal proteins that function in epigenetic control of gene expression, presumably by modulating higher order chromatin. Based on sequence information from the SET domain, we have isolated human (SUV39H1) and mouse (Suv39h1) homologues of the dominant Drosophila modifier of(More)
SUV39H1, a human homologue of the Drosophila position effect variegation modifier Su(var)3-9 and of the Schizosaccharomyces pombe silencing factor clr4, encodes a novel heterochromatic protein that transiently accumulates at centromeric positions during mitosis. Using a detailed structure-function analysis of SUV39H1 mutant proteins in transfected cells, we(More)
Higher-order chromatin has been implicated in epigenetic gene control and in the functional organization of chromosomes. We have recently discovered mouse (Suv39h1) and human (SUV39H1) histone H3 lysine 9-selective methyltransferases (Suv39h HMTases) and shown that they modulate chromatin dynamics in somatic cells. We describe here the isolation,(More)
Centromeres of eukaryotes are frequently associated with constitutive heterochromatin and their activity appears to be coregulated by epigenetic modification of higher order chromatin. Recently, we isolated murine (Suv39h1) and human (SUV39H1) homologues of the dominant Drosophila suppressor of position effect variegation Su(var)3-9, which is also related(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Non-motor symptoms (NMS) of Parkinson's disease (PD) have a major impact on health-related quality of life. This is the first randomized controlled trial to use the NMS Scale (NMSS) as a primary outcome to assess treatment effects on NMS in PD. METHODS In this double-blind trial (NCT01300819), patients with PD and a total NMSS score(More)
Mummification processes in Pharaonic Egypt were successful using sodium salts. Quite frequently sodium concentrations in mummified bones ranged from 300 to 4000 micromol/g. In the search for an effective inorganic conservation compound our choice fell on boric acid. The possible presence of borate in mummification salts used in Pharaonic Egypt was of(More)
Die Zahl der Asylsuchenden in Deutschland ist im Jahr 2015 stark angestiegen. Zu deren medizinischer Versorgung gehören auch die amtlich empfohlenen Schutzimpfungen, allerdings liegen hierzu in Deutschland bisher keine detaillierten Angaben vor. Das Gesundheitsamt Reutlingen entwickelte angesichts steigender Flüchtlingszahlen ein Konzept, um Asylsuchenden(More)